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Karoma is delighted to now offer The Express Body Wrap from Universal Contour Wrap

The Express Body Wraps are designed to target specific areas of the body. Inspired by the success of the world famous Classic Body Wrap and using our unique Classic Clay Solution, these treatments help to tone, firm, tighten and slim your chosen area. As these treatments are partial, we don't offer our inch loss guarantee, however inch loss is likely.

Very importantly for Karoma, this is an all natural product which works with, not against, your body

Each area - choose from arms, waist, bust, hips or thighs - takes 35mins and is charged as a 30min treatment. Each additional area wrapped at the same time is charged at just £20 extra

Please do call for any further information



Traditional Thai Healing Massage

Enjoy the benefits of warm aromatic herbs, flowers and spices being used to massage your face or body

This blissful spa treatment employs hot aromatic compresses ('prakop') each packed with upto 20 different herbs, flowers and spices in specific massage techniques. The soothing, penetrating warmth of the prakop helps to relax tired or aching muscles and different herbal blends, which all smell wonderful, are used according to the individual's needs.

Until recently the prakop were used exclusively by Buddhist monks in Thailand and if you've enjoyed a hot stone therapy massage in the past you will love this treatment

Minimum appointment time for the Thai Healing Massage is 45minutes.



Natural Face Lift Massage (Facial Rejuvenation)

A gentle, deeply relaxing and non-invasive way to help delay the ageing process.

No surgery.
No needles.
No toxins.
No abrasives.
No creams, lotions or potions.
And no risk.
Just pure massage!

Natural Face Lift Massage, also known as Facial Rejuvenation, is based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda and works primarily by freeing constrictions and releasing deep-seated tensions within both the muscles and the connective tissues of the face.

The treatment encourages a fresher complexion, helps to soften lines and firm contours and brings a glow to the skin.  It is completely natural and a great alternative to Botox, dermal fillers and other injectables. 

It is ideal preparation for weddings, parties, society events when looking great really matters. Or just to look your best every day. Naturally.

Each treatment is a full hour. A course of six weekly treatments is recommended for the most significant and longer lasting results. Please see the promotions page for details of a special offer








Popular since the ancient Egyptians first extracted aromatic oils and with good reason! Combining carefully selected high quality essential oils with the therapeutic benefits of massage delivers a truly holistic therapy.

Aromatherapy massages involve many long, stroking moves and so tend to be relaxing and soothing.

Custom Blending

Karoma is proud to offer a Custom Blending service to all Aromatherapy clients.

Custom Blending will provide you with a perfect balance of essential oils in a blend of one or more carrier oils chosen to work synergistically with the essential oils to create the ideal blend just for you, your skin and your emotional and physical needs. It is particularly recommended when dealing with specific health issues or even just if you have a favourite fragrance amongst the oils.

Back and Shoulders

To really soothe and relax the back, but tackle those knots, too. A 30 minute treatment is usually recommended and may be ideal if you simply don't have time for a Full Body treatment but don't want to miss out on the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Full Body Aromatherapy

A stress-busting full body massage, usually including the back, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, abdomen, face and decollete/chest. A session of 60 minutes is recommended in order to cover all of these areas, but can be extended to provide an even more wonderful treatment with plenty of time to concentrate on any areas of concern or just for extra pampering!

A 45 minute treatment is possible if you're short of time and/or don't want all the above areas covered.

Face, Neck, Shoulders and Decollete

Luxurious flowing, rhythmic massage. Pressure point massage may be incorporated for certain conditions, ie sinus problems. A 45min treatment is ideal and feels quite decadent, but this can be delivered in 30 minutes.



Swedish Massage

This is a much more energetic and invigorating massage than the long restful aromatherapy massage. It is particularly good for increasing circulation, as preparation for exercise or to help alleviate muscle stiffness afterwards. Swedish Massage also involves much deeper manipulation of tense muscles, which may be momentarily uncomfortable, but which produces excellent results.

Swedish massage does not generally include the face.

Swedish Massage would normally employ a plain base oil as a medium; at Karoma however, you are welcome to have one of the lovely pre-blended Aromatherapy oils instead if you would prefer at no extra charge.

Back and Shoulders

Often a 30 minute treatment, all concentrated on those tense areas. Ideal for those who sit hunched at a desk all day, those who spend too long in the car, mothers with offspring constantly perched on their hip, infact anyone active who has a busy life to get on with! Those with very tight muscles may like to book out longer.

Full Body

A treatment of an hour or more, incorporating a 30min Back and Shoulder massage as above and also arms, hands, legs, feet and abdomen. You may wish to extend the duration of this treatment up to 90mins at those times when almost everything aches.  Gentlemen in particular, or those of a muscular, larger or athletic build may find that indulging in a 90min treatment allows for a thorough massage that will really make a difference.

A full body massage may be delivered in as little as 45mins if you are conscious of time and do not have particularly knotted or tense areas.




This ancient form of natural healing uses mapping of the reflexes and zone theory to treat and restore balance to the whole body via the feet.

There is no need to remove any clothes other than shoes and socks for this treatment, and it may be done with the client either seated or laying down, which makes it ideal for those with limited mobility. A range of massage mediums may be used according to the condition of the feet and personal preference.

A 1hr treatment is usually recommended.



Hopi Ear Candling

Forms of ear candles have been used by many cultures throughout the ages for both medicinal, spiritual or relaxation ceremonies.

The treatment as performed today includes specific facial massage techniques designed to enhance the effects of the candling and is very calming and comforting.

Ear-candling may be used to help to alleviate earache, headache, stress, sinus pain, gently loosens ear wax and balances the pressure in the ears, ideal for divers or those who fly.

Biosun Hopi ear-candles used at Karoma are made simply of pure beeswax and honey extract on pesticide free untreated cotton.

A 45 minute treatment allows for the facial massage, although an extended in-depth facial massage may be chosen to make a 60 minute treat.



Indian Head Massage

A very popular treatment, usually done in a seated position. The treatment incorporates upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, face and scalp and is extremely soporific, making it great for insomiacs! Indian Head Massage is also used for reasons as diverse as encouraging healthy hair growth and condition and for clients who grind their teeth at night.

Since the increase in popularity of this therapy in the West, it has become the norm to use no oils, creams or other medium and indeed, it is often performed through clothing, especially when taken into offices, for example. Traditionally, however, oils would have been used abundantly, to soften the skin, treat the scalp and condition the hair. At Karoma you are free to choose your massage medium from a selection of vegetable oils, from the Pre-blended Aromatherapy oils or nothing at all if you prefer.

A 60min treatment is ideal and allows time to work on knotted shoulders, but 45mins is the most popular choice



Detox Massage

Incorporating ancient principles, techniques and methods to help deal with this modern day problem


All over skin brushing clears the skin, improves circulation and prepares the skin for the next stage. The brushing is followed by a body massage using pre-blended essential oils, including rosemary, juniper and grapefruit, renowned for their detoxification properties, and moves designed to stimulate the lymphatic system

A 60min treatment is ideal. Please note that the scope of this treatment is not to remove knots in, or work on, tight shoulders or other aching areas. If you wish to incorporate a deeper back massage, please add on an extra 30mins.

Please note that no single treatment can banish cellulite or toxicity on its own, no matter how effective. Treatments are designed to be used in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle habits and are an ideal way to kick-start a new healthier regime. Advice on the recognised causes of cellulite or the contributing factors in toxic accumulation is available along with diet/nutrition, exercise and skin-care advice.



Natural Skin Care and Facial Massage

Facials at Karoma use the excellent Pinks Boutique skincare products combined with holistic massage techniques and established skin-care routines.

Pinks Boutique Organic & Natural Skin Care products are hand blended with care in England and accredited by The Soil Assosiation All products are made entirely from the finest ingredients that can be fully traced back to source.

The beauty regime you deserve, without the chemicals.


45mins - Includes, deep cleansing, exfoliation, masque, eye treatment, massage, and moisturisation. This does not include extractions.


60mins - Ideal if you've neglected your skin a little or have specific concerns. Luxury facials all include steam and extractions (if suitable/appropriate)

75mins - An extended version of the above allowing additional time for more extractions, or more massage

The Ultimate

90mins - This amazing treatment works to balance the whole body and includes hands and feet


Back Treatment

45mins - A facial for your back! Ideal at the start of summer for sloughing dead skin, removing impurities and bringing a healthy glow to your back.

If you suffer with pimples or acne across the back please allow longer for extractions.




Formeldehyde, Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) and Camphor Free, Vegan Friendly AND long-lasting!

Manicures and Pedicures, from a quick 'File and Paint' to a Luxury Spa Treatment targetting specific concerns such as weak or brittle nails but all using the fabulous Zoya Professional Nail Lacquer



Botanical Hair Removal / Sugaring

At Karoma only a botanical sugar-based product is used to remove unwanted hair.

Modern waxes often contain chemicals, resins or other synthetics whereas this product is 100% natural and contains only:
Sugar, Lemon juice & Water

The unique formulation allows the product to stick only to the hair and not to the skin, making it less painful than normal waxing. This, and the simple and natural ingredients, make it ideal for more sensitive skins.

After the treatment any residue is simply wiped clean away meaning absolutely no stickiness! Bliss!

Please note that intimate hair removal is not available at Karoma.