No longer on Station Road, but still in Marlow and offering the same personal service, lovely treatments and blissful experience as always.
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Botanical Hair Removal / Sugaring

At Karoma only a superior botanical sugar-based product is used to remove unwanted hair.

Modern waxes often contain chemicals, resins or other synthetics whereas this sugar product is 100% natural and contains only:
Sugar, Lemon Juice & Water

The unique formulation allows the product to stick only to the hair and not to the skin, making it less painful than normal waxing. This, and the natural and simple ingredients, make it ideal for more sensitive skins.

After the treatment any residue is simply wiped clean away meaning absolutely no stickiness on you or your clothes! Bliss!


Botanical Hair Removal is charged 'per area', not by duration as the holistic and facial therapies are, and prices are as follows:

Eyebrows - 13.00
Lip or Chin - 9.00
Lip and Chin - 15.00
Underarms - 15.00
Half leg - 18.00
3/4 leg - 23.00
Full leg - 28.00
Bikini - 15.00
Full leg and Bikini - 40.00
Back - from 20.00
Chest - from 20.00

Please note that intimate hair removal is not available at Karoma