No longer on Station Road, but still in Marlow and offering the same personal service, lovely treatments and blissful experience as always.
Details will be given at time of booking.

Timings at Karoma

Timings at Karoma are a little different; when you make an appointment at Karoma for any of the therapies other than Botanical Hair Removal, you book the length of 'hands-on time' you would like, not the overall time allocation.

Traditionally in this business an hour's appointment will cover your consultation, undressing, treatment, dressing, after care and product advice, as well as time for your therapist to prepare the room for the next client. Needless to say, something has to give and it's usually your pampering time!

At Karoma, I believe that's just not good enough and certainly not fair; you should be allowed to enjoy every single minute of the time you have booked. So, in addition to the hands-on time booked, please allow extra time for your consultation and undressing/dressing*.

Consultation times

Prior to your first treatment, I'll sit down and go through an initial consultation with you, which takes around 30 minutes. This process is extremely important and through it we can ascertain whether treatments might be suitable for you and if so, which ones would be best suited and could offer you the most benefit. Please note that certain medical conditions may preclude treatments. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Please allow approximately 10 minutes for the consultation process for subsequent visits.

* Reflexology does not require you to remove any clothing, just shoes and socks, so a few minutes is all you need.

Too busy for all that?

No problem. There really is no skimping on the initial consultation, but after that each treatment can be adapted to suit not only your individual needs emotionally and physically, but also the time you have available. Just have a chat with me and let's see what we can do.

Botanical Hair Removal / Sugaring

If you are coming only for Botanical Hair Removal, please just let me know which area(s) you would like treating when making your booking. Generally speaking, Hair Removal takes as long as it takes and is not booked by time. The initial consultation will last around 5-10 minutes, with subsequent visits taking a little less. Should you later wish to try an holistic treatment we will need to complete the full consultation process as outlined above.